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For over 20 years we have protected properties from pests across New York City Area

All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems effectively


Our Residential Pest Solutions Program is aimed at targeting pests before they enter your home. We will schedule regular inspections for the control of crawl insects and rodents, which includes an exterior preventive zone treatment each service plus rodent control services.  Our Residential Pest Solutions Program is designed to reduce the need to apply pesticides within your home unless absolutely necessary.  We will target and eliminate specific interior problems upon your request with no additional charge. Don't Bug Me incorporates Integrated Pest Management Solutions (IPM) into its Residential Pest Solutions Program.  After inspection, you'll receive a personalized Health Home Maintenance Plan.  This integrated pest management plan takes into account factors such as your style of home, the current level of infestation, even the breeding cycle of the the pests involved, so that you not only get rid of your current pests but prevent new ones from entering your home.  Pest control isn't just about eliminating the pests you can see, its about the peace of mind that comes from knowing your're protected.


What to Expect

Don't Bug Me is a family owned and operated business, so we know how important protecting your home and family is. We have history in pest control since 1980's, and we have become one of New York's most trusted names in pest control and management.

So what should you expect from Don't Bug Me pest treatment?

  • Firstly, we take the time to understand your needs and determine the best solution. Our team will listen to your concerns, and explain the pest treatment process and guide you, every step of the way so you know exactly what to expect.

  • Expect a company that can offer a solution for ALL pest problems. We specialize in Rats and Mice, Spiders, Ants, Termites, Bees and Wasps, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Birds, Silverfish, Moth, Carpet Beetle, Mites, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Bird control and more!

  • We put your family first with fast, effective, solutions to protect your home against pests! Don’t choose a company that can’t deliver the complete, long-term results that you need.

  • Expect Don't Bug Me to follow the strictest of standards where applicable in pest control when treating your home. We use a safe amount of pesticides to gain full and maximum control of your pest problem. This means safer and cleaner methods to removing pests from your home. Even your pets will be safe with us!

  • We understand that everyone’s pest control problems are as unique as the next person’s. We custom design our control solutions to suit your individual needs, and we can work around your busy schedule. We are respectful of your home and promise to leave it in the condition in which we find it – but with fewer pests!

  • We don’t only offer a solution to your existing pest predicament; we can inspect your entire property to ensure there are no other possible infestations. We can present you with the method to prevent or minimise the risk of any future pest problem.

  • Our solutions are environmentally friendly and carried out by friendly, well-trained, licensed, professional pest technicians. We will talk you through every step of the treatment so that you will have the comfort and peace of mind to know that your pest problems are under control.

  • Don’t expect high prices for our solutions. Our rates are very cost effective and can start as low as $99. We understand that New Yorkers have enough problems to worry about, so let us take on the worry for you. We will find the right solution for you.


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